Non-profit Organisation

Empower Australia Overseas Aid Fund is a non-profit charitable organisation that is committed to maintaining a high level of accountability and transparency.

Empower Australia Overseas Aid Fund is a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) and is committed to the standards of governance and reporting that are required under the ACNC regulations. Our financial records are audited by a qualified and experienced external independent auditor. Our annual submissions to the ACNC are publicly available on the ACNC website.

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State Fundraising Registrations

Empower Australia Overseas Aid Fund holds current fundraising licences in the following Australian States:

QLD Registered Charity No. CH3017

NSW Charitable Fundraising Registration No. CFN/24704

TAS Approval to Solicit for Charitable Donations: C/10501

ACT Charitable organisations registered with the ACNC are no longer required to hold a charitable collections licence in the ACT.

NT There is no state based fundraising legislation in place.

Complaints Policy

Empower is committed to efficient, effective and ethical programs and services that serve our partners and beneficiaries. Our complaints handling process aims to reflect the importance we place on listening and responding to concerns and complaints from our supporters, partners and the communities we serve. Empower understands the value of an effective complaints policy and procedure in improving services and uncovering wrongdoing.

How do I make a complaint or submit feedback?

You can be in contact with us in the following ways:

– Call us on 03 8750 0594 during business hours AEST (Monday-Friday)

– Speak to one of our team members at public events

Email us

Complaints can be made by a friend or advocate on their behalf. We recognise that in some circumstances complainants may wish to remain anonymous. Because such complaints can alert us to problems that need fixing we will accept them, though clearly it may not be possible to provide a remedy to the individual concerned.

Who is responsible for handling complaints?

Anyone representing Empower can receive a complaint. All complaints received will be directed immediately to the Executive Leadership Team and referred to the appropriate senior manager to assess and investigate accordingly.

What happens after I make a complaint?

After acknowledging receipt of the complaint, we will confirm whether the issue/s raised in the complaint is/are within our control. We will also consider the outcome/s sought by the person making a complaint and, where there is more than one issue raised, determine whether each issue needs to be separately addressed. We will make every reasonable effort to investigate all the relevant circumstances and information surrounding your complaint.

The level of investigation will be determined by the seriousness and frequency of the complaint.

After assessing the complaint, we will consider how to manage it. We may:

– Give the person making a complaint information or an explanation

– Gather information about the issue, person or area that the complaint is about, or

– Investigate the claims made in the complaint.

A member of the Executive Leadership Team will normally make the decision on a compliant that has required investigation. Decisions on serious complaints may be referred to our Board.

How long will it take to respond to my complaint?

We will acknowledge receipt of each complaint promptly, and preferably within 5 working days.

We will also communicate the outcome of the complaint using the most appropriate medium. We aim to resolve complaints as quickly as possible and within 30 days unless there are exceptional circumstances. If a complaint is not resolved within 30 days, we will inform the complainant of progress and keep them informed every two weeks.

We will encourage you to respond and advise whether you are satisfied with our decision. If you are not satisfied, we are prepared to consider any additional information you can provide and to review our decision. Decisions on serious complaints may be referred to our Board.

How we learn from complaints

We will ensure that all relevant staff and volunteers are informed of the outcomes of complaints and the implications these may have on our work, procedures and processes.

We will take all remedial action required, including making changes to the way we operate and providing staff and volunteers with further training. Where needed, we will counsel or discipline staff or volunteers.

Where appropriate, we will consult and take advice from ACNC and/or other regulatory authorities.

ABN: 24371101249

ARBN: 621 279 445

Incorporated Associations Registration Number: A0047253K