Our social work­ers know their com­mu­ni­ties well, and as a result can iden­ti­fy the key issues that need address­ing to lift peo­ple out pover­ty and ill­ness. We focus on edu­ca­tion, health and liveli­hoods. All of our projects are unique­ly tai­lored to the com­mu­ni­ties they oper­ate in. 

We exist to equip, educate & empower through sustainable community development.

Where we work

We work in regions where hundreds of millions of people still do not have access to clean water, safe sanitation, healthy hygiene practices, quality education or sustainable livelihoods – yet!

What we do

We train and equip local men and women to work in their own communities. They support village leaders and families and help wherever they can. They identify the specific needs of their communities and then work together with them to build a sustainable future.

We are passionate about:

  • Equipping Teachers
  • Schools and education
  • Maternal and child health
  • Mental health
  • Wells and safe water
Our Projects

“Our vision is to bring about lasting, sustainable change to impact individuals and whole communities, improving their way of life. We farm organic, chemical free grains and products. The results of our work so far have been encouraging.” – Project Leader